The thing about donkeys…

Many of you have written and asked me about Sue Ellen, the Mammoth Donkey, who no longer lives at The Farmstead. In our focus on the Creamery I have been very up front with the fact that we are re-honing our priorities. Basically, if it doesn’t support the goats then it’s not a priority. But that’s not why we don’t have donkeys at The Farmstead anymore. First, some backstory. We rescued Viola, our standard .

All Dollars Go To the Goats

I can’t believe it. Seriously. Our Kickstarter funded in just three days. You guys are amazing! So now what? We keep funding! First, Kickstarter doesn’t let you end your projects early but, second, there are so many more expenses surrounding the Creamery we are grateful for any help we can get. Additionally, a large percentage goes to Kickstarter for hosting the funding and to the fulfillment of the sweet and awesome prizes we hope .

Kickstarter, Concrete and Logs

As I write this post my phone is in the background letting off delightful little *pings* with a frequency you might find annoying if you didn’t know that every single *ping* meant that someone believed in you. You see, each *ping* is a notification from Kickstarter that another person has decided to back our Creamery. In just two days we’ve managed to fund over half our goal of $5,000. That $5,000 will work to .

Reeling in the Costs or Knowing when to say “Uncle”

Nick and Gizmo
There’s a saying that goes, “Pick two: good, cheap or fast. You can only pick two though. You can’t have all three.” And it’s true. Oh it’s true. When we bought the dairy I, stupidly, thought we would blow through it just like we do every other project. Nick and I built our entire barn in the evenings after work and on weekends in just two months. What we didn’t account for this time .