Farewell Chickens

Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Nick
I sold the last of our chickens this week. Over the course of five years The Farmstead has hatched and sold close to 500 laying hens to members of our local community. We have loved giving people the option of adding to their backyard flock without purchasing from a hatchery. But, I’ll be the first to admit, we got a little out of control. This past summer we had over 200 birds running around, .

Dairy is Scary

Artsy Inspirations
Since starting our Creamery journey less than 6 months I have learned A LOT. Mainly, dairy is scary. And I’m not just saying that. I have reasons. First, there isn’t a plethora of information out there on the ol’ internet for novice dairy girls like me. Second, dairy is very heavily regulated and inspected, every single decision you make could be an expensively wrong decision if you didn’t research it enough. Third, dairy people, .

The thing about donkeys…

Many of you have written and asked me about Sue Ellen, the Mammoth Donkey, who no longer lives at The Farmstead. In our focus on the Creamery I have been very up front with the fact that we are re-honing our priorities. Basically, if it doesn’t support the goats then it’s not a priority. But that’s not why we don’t have donkeys at The Farmstead anymore. First, some backstory. We rescued Viola, our standard .

All Dollars Go To the Goats

I can’t believe it. Seriously. Our Kickstarter funded in just three days. You guys are amazing! So now what? We keep funding! First, Kickstarter doesn’t let you end your projects early but, second, there are so many more expenses surrounding the Creamery we are grateful for any help we can get. Additionally, a large percentage goes to Kickstarter for hosting the funding and to the fulfillment of the sweet and awesome prizes we hope .