Best Birthday Present Ever

I turned 33 last Friday (Earth Day) and it was the perfect day. Why? Because we turned on all our equipment in the dairy for the first time, AND…IT ALL WORKED! Yes, I say that with some shock because, you may recall, it has been sitting in our garage for two years while the dairy gets finished. But, all the stars aligned and EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING. Just worked. A huge, huge, huge thank you .

Milk Bath Maternity Photos

When a professional photographer as talented as the fabulous Brandi from Aspin Photography tells you to take off your clothes and get in a water trough full of milk, you listen. And then you weep when you see the results. Because you had no idea that bathing in a huge vat of milk in the middle of your field, while your goats graze and your daughter holds you is something your soul was missing. .

The Final Countdown

In two weeks(ish) we will welcome our baby boy into this world. In less than a month we hope to open the doors of our dairy. Here’s where we’re at with all that (in no particular order). My midwife believes this little troublemaker is sunny-side up in my belly. It doesn’t surprise me, Gizmo was also sunny-side up at her birth. We never got her to flip and so I delivered her in a .

All the feelings

We’re on the homestretch of this pregnancy and I have all.the.feelings. Seriously. The stupidest things make me weep. Scrolling through facebook is like a big cry fest, kittens, military homecomings, laundry detergent commercials…they all make me cry. Compounded on that is the knowledge that in less than 2 months our lives will be forever changed, not just because we’re welcoming our son, but because we’re also hoping to license and launch the dairy in .