The Farmstead Wedding

As many of you already know, Matthew and I had a formal wedding ceremony at our farm this Summer after our official wedding at VooDoo Doughnuts last winter. Getting ready for the wedding was a wee bit stressful (probably not our brightest idea ever to have a wedding during the infant stages of our son and our goat dairy). Thankfully, my entire family came up from Texas and Oregon the week prior and Matthew’s .

In the Weeds

The other night Matthew got home from working a 12 hour shift in the ER. It was midnight. I was still awake, nursing Banzai, running through all the things we needed to do that week, in my head. Instead of crawling into bed beside me, he jumped in the shower while I got Banzai back to sleep. And then we headed into the make room. You see, we had a batch of chevre in .

The Summer of Kale

Our virtual presence has been lackluster this Summer as Matthew and I are beginning to find our groove with production, managing goats, and selling at farmer’s markets. I miss you guys! We’ve started to establish some really wonderful relationships with our customers at the market. Week after week they come back, tell us what they made, bring friends visiting from out of town, let us pet their dogs, and comment on how big Banzai .

A Revolutionary Idea

rev·o·lu·tion (noun) a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. Banzai is three months old which means, our dairy is also three months old. It’s a little crazy when I think about the fact that Matthew and I launched our business when our son was just a week old. But we did. And here we are, three months later. A whole lot more tired than we were .