Artifical Insemination: A Love Story

This past weekend Gizmo and I poured Nick a big glass of orange juice and walked outside to give it to him. He’d been out cutting down dead trees for the past couple hours so we figured, rightfully so, he was thirsty. Just as we get to the spot where I’d most recently heard chain sawing we see him, running towards us at full speed. “What’s wrong!?” I yelled. “Gumball’s in heat!” Sure enough, .

Farm Profile: Stony Mountain Farm

fying turkey
Stony Mountain Farm in Squamish, BC (45 north of Vancouver and 40 minutes south of Whistler offers free-range eggs, seasonal turkeys and pastured chickens. They also have goats who, until they’re bred and can become milkers, are “comedic relief.” Tracy and Dan’s farm is located in the Squamish Valley and, quite literally, looks like something off of a postcard. Between Tracy’s career as a Registered Veterinary Technician and Dan’s background in the construction industry .

To Our Daughter: On Making & Saving Money

Nick and I aren’t rich. We don’t own our farm outright. YET. But we will. And someday our daughter will be one of those lucky kids who gets to inherit a farm (she’ll probably subdivide it and make millions but let’s not talk about that). Teaching her financial responsibility is a big priority for us, one we talk about quite a bit with each other. A lot of the decisions we made when we .

Stinging Nettles: The Unsung Food of the Forest

It’s not even the middle of April and we’re all set to harvest our first crop. Best part? We didn’t plant it. It just keeps showing up, year after year after year. The growing season is super long too. Talk about sustainable! What is this magical crop? Stinging nettles! When we first moved to the forest we learned VERY quickly what nettles were. In fact, anyone who visited the farm in it’s beginning days .