Reeling in the Costs or Knowing when to say “Uncle”

Nick and Gizmo
There’s a saying that goes, “Pick two: good, cheap or fast. You can only pick two though. You can’t have all three.” And it’s true. Oh it’s true. When we bought the dairy I, stupidly, thought we would blow through it just like we do every other project. Nick and I built our entire barn in the evenings after work and on weekends in just two months. What we didn’t account for this time .

Dolls, Dairies & Inheritances

I sold my American Girl doll yesterday. Without going into too much detail, suffice to say, American Girl Dolls are kind of a big deal. I’d been holding on to mine all these years in case I ever had a daughter. I did have that daughter. And she is beyond words more perfect than I could have ever imagined,even in my wildest dreams. And so I sold the doll I’ve been saving for her. Totally makes sense. .

How to Be Friends with a Farmer

Tamworth Piglet at The Farmstead
We’re fortunate to have quite a few amazing friends in our lives that just get it. The day we brought home our dairy equipment and the milking goats our amazing friends showed up at our house with dinner and an able bodied attitude. We’d been on the road for 7 hours and were exhausted. But, having our friends there was invigorating…and so helpful. Not only did they feed us they helped us with that first .

Generosity, Sharing & Peyote

Peyote Goats
We knew we’d meet incredible people on our Dairy Journey. What we didn’t expect is that we’d meet someone like Vicky. About two months ago I wrote Little Brown Farm, a creamery up on Whidbey Island specializing in goat and cow milk products. In my e-mail I introduced myself and mentioned that, should she ever reduce her herd, we were very interested in continuing her genetics. As luck would have it, not only did .