Salt of the Earth People

I recently road tripped up to Whidbey Island to see my favorite milkmaid and cheesemonger, Vicky of Little Brown Farm. Vicky is, as I like to call her, my Fairy Cheesemother. She is the first person in the dairy world to open her doors to me, to invite me into her cheese room, to GIVE ME A RECIPE for a goat cheese mozarella…in short, she is amazing. It was a beautiful day. The drive .

I am a farmer…

The other day I sent eleven piggies to freezer camp. In the past I have been skittish about this task. Four years ago, when I sent my first two pigs to harvest, I ran away crying and hid in the barn. Over the years I have gotten better, watching from the porch, then standing nearby but turning away. But this time, this time I stood there and watched, point blank, as our butcher issued .

No one will ever love you the way I can love you

Last week three bottle babies and I took Shark Week the Desi dog, to the Canadian border. You may recall that, despite a promising start at The Farmstead, I finally admitted to myself that Shark Week would most likely never outgrow his murderous urges and, in all fairness to him, really wanted to be someone‚Äôs pet and not a working dog. Shark Week was always great with the humans in our family, especially Gizmo, .

A little perspective…

Dancing Goats
On the scale of bad weeks to good weeks, this week could rank as pretty rotten. In the past seven days I have lost three baby goats and two baby pigs. Peyote got the bad news that she had to have her leg amputated and the floor of my dairy is proving to be a money pit. I was also the proud recipient of not one, but two flat tires, all in the span .