Peyote is my Spirit Animal

There’s a bit of a baby boom happening on The Farmstead right now and, much to my shagrin, everyone is thriving! Both my Old Spot sows, Run Spot and Lady MacBeth, gave birth to their first litters, a combined total of 21 polka dotted piglets, and have been excellent mothers not just in the way they are gentle with their own piglets but also in the way they are gentle with me. I loved .

Scared & Happy: You can be both

Things are really starting to come together here at The Farmstead. I have found my rhythm as a single mother and farmer. I’m getting more comfortable with some new farm help (more to come on that later), I’m knocking out some lingering projects (hello permanent fences around the orchard), and the dairy is nearing completion. Yeah, you heard me. The dairy is almost done. If I’m being generous I would say I’m about two .

I bought a farm today

I bought a farm today. My farm. The farm that I started with a man I fell in love with when I was 18 years old. That man is now gone. Those of you who have followed the blog for some time probably saw a change in my posting around Labor Day of 2014. That’s the weekend my marriage ended. I have always treated this blog more like a diary than I should but .

Salt of the Earth People

I recently road tripped up to Whidbey Island to see my favorite milkmaid and cheesemonger, Vicky of Little Brown Farm. Vicky is, as I like to call her, my Fairy Cheesemother. She is the first person in the dairy world to open her doors to me, to invite me into her cheese room, to GIVE ME A RECIPE for a goat cheese mozarella…in short, she is amazing. It was a beautiful day. The drive .