The Farmstead Creamery is Licensed

Almost two years to the day from when I first purchased the original dairy equipment from a retiring goat farmer The Farmstead is officially a Grade A Goat Dairy. It feels like a lifetime ago that I first uttered the dream of dairy. And, in a lot of ways, it was. Gizmo was just six months old, I was married to a different man, and the farm was A LOT different. It was, for .

Banzai’s Birth Story

We had a baby. No one is more surprised than me. Last Sunday I started having little contractions. I knew it wasn’t labor, but it was something. And then I started leaking. A LOT. I got nervous that it was amniotic fluid and my baby was slowly suffocating (turns out that’s not even a thing) so I went to Labor and Delivery at the hospital just to clarify there was no amniotic fluid. The .

Best Birthday Present Ever

I turned 33 last Friday (Earth Day) and it was the perfect day. Why? Because we turned on all our equipment in the dairy for the first time, AND…IT ALL WORKED! Yes, I say that with some shock because, you may recall, it has been sitting in our garage for two years while the dairy gets finished. But, all the stars aligned and EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING. Just worked. A huge, huge, huge thank you .

Milk Bath Maternity Photos

When a professional photographer as talented as the fabulous Brandi from Aspin Photography tells you to take off your clothes and get in a water trough full of milk, you listen. And then you weep when you see the results. Because you had no idea that bathing in a huge vat of milk in the middle of your field, while your goats graze and your daughter holds you is something your soul was missing. .