Learning to Roar

As I lounge in bed, a warm down comforter tucked around me, six cats in various stages of contentment sprinkled about, the handsome man lightly snoring beside me and Gizmo asleep in her nook, I find it hard not to smile. It’s late and I should sleep. As a working mother my most precious moments with Giz are in the early morning hours before I leave for the day. The snooze button isn’t an .

The 2014 Farmstead Gift Giving Guide

The gift-giving holidays are right around the corner which has inspired me to put together a little mash-up of some really hard working cottage industries. There’s nothing bix box about these stores. It’s mostly farmers and artisans pouring their heart and soul into the work that they believe in. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely something I can get behind! For the person in your life who has exquisite taste but also .

I’m not sorry…

Nick and Gizmo on TV
This past weekend we had a pretty involved visit at The Farmstead. I can’t reveal just yet what we’re up to but suffice to say there were cameras and they were recording. We welcomed them onto the farm and into our home. And I did something really radical. I didn’t stay up all night cleaning. And, even more radical… I didn’t apologize for the mess. This is a first for me. Every time someone .

Farewell Chickens

Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Nick
I sold the last of our chickens this week. Over the course of five years The Farmstead has hatched and sold close to 500 laying hens to members of our local community. We have loved giving people the option of adding to their backyard flock without purchasing from a hatchery. But, I’ll be the first to admit, we got a little out of control. This past summer we had over 200 birds running around, .