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Farewell DuckDuck & Goose

Duck Duck and Goose
DuckDuck and Goose left The Farmstead this weekend. Yes, they left alive. Yes, they will stay alive. They’re going to live at Farmpound, a fellow Air Force Academy grad’s farm in Tacoma, Washington. How did we come to this decision? Well, anyone who has met us knows, we don’t part with animals. When filling out adoption questionnaires from animal rescues we could always easily answer the question, “What if you have to re-home this .

Duck Duck gets a Roommate

Well, we finally did it. We got another duck. Our duck is about to be 20 weeks old…so we should have gotten one a long time ago. But a combination of factors kept us from doing it. I honestly wasn’t sure our duck was going to survive. If you remember, we had a sad month where we lost three ducks and two chickens. The cynic in me was convinced this duck was also not .

Surprise visit from Mama? We’ll take it!

If many hands make light the work, M<3M’s hands should be put on a pedestal, or win an award, or both. The Farmstead got a surprise visit from my mother (that’s M, heart, M in case you’re wondering) this weekend when she ended up having to drop the grandbabies off at Portland (with their mother of course, we believe in independent children but 4 is a little young to be flying by yourself) to .

This is how we brush our teeth…

We have just one duck left. In a very sad “Of Mice and Men” twist Cleo got in, or the duck got out, and she just hugged it too much. When I found Cleo she was laying very quietly with the duck. No blood, no marks, just no longer living. Which means we have this one duck left (see: Loss on the Farm). The Last of the Mohicans. And so, we are doing our .